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FLIPP Crashpads & Matting Ltd.
str. Kap. Georgi Mamarchev 7
1510 Sofia
Bulgaria, EU

+359878010807 – Antony Mitev

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Since 2013 FLIPP is supplying the climbing scene with crashpads and a year later we started developing our first gym matting systems. Within the last several years we are mainly focused on and manufacturing boulder gym mattings, modular mats, mats for schools, gymnastic mats, martial arts mattings and all kinds of PVC/foam work. FLIPP is specialized in stitching, PVC welding and foam work, so we are eager to collaborate for any tricky project in your mind.

We already have dozens of successfully installed and finished projects in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.