SHANO Flipper

“The best product that you guys have made by far!” “A must have for the boulder maniac!”
The FLIPP team proudly represents you our new model of a crashpad – the SHANO Flipper! No more sprain ankles and hinges between the pads. This pad has several different options of using it, but in one sentence – put it to cover all other crashpads and climb safely!
With dimensions of 130/200/2cm it covers a great area and ensures your safe landings on the other pads.
You can also fold it by 2 and it becomes as useful as a Double Flipper with size 130/100cm. Great for sit starts and nasty stones near your boulder.
The SHANO Flipper folds by 4 and becomes with the size of one panel of the other pad from the  FLIPP family.
You also have an easy attaching system for taking it along with your main crashpad.

Ultra light weight – only 3.7kg, made of CORDURA® fabrics.



  • Top cover style of crashpad; filled with high quality PE foam – 2cm
  • 195/130/2cm opened size, 65/100/10cm closed size
  • Weight – 3.7kg
  • CORDURA® fabric outer cover
  • Easy attachment system to any Double or Tripple Flipper pad
  • Duraflex® handles and tension locks
  • YKK® ziplock system
  • Anodized aluminum buckles

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