POSTA Flipper

As we've created the SHANO top cover crashpad in 2016 and it has had major success as an additional crashpad, now we are presenting you our 2017 model – the POSTA flipper.

It is an upgraded version of a top-cover crashpad, a fat brother of the SHANO. With its huge opened size of 130/200/5cm it can be either used as a top – cover cushioning crashpad on all other pads, or used separately for flat landings such as in Font.
The POSTA flipper folds by 4 and becomes a bit bigger than the DOUBLE flipper in size.
Get one of these babies at the boulder site, and you will know the difference!

Stay psyched!



  • Top cover style of crashpad; filled with high quality PE foam – 2/3cm
  • 195/130/5cm opened size, 65/100/25cm closed size
  • Weight – 5.2kg
  • CORDURA® fabric outer cover
  • Duraflex® handles and tension locks
  • YKK® ziplock system
  • Anodized aluminum buckles

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